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Ethics and CSR

Ethical business practice and intentional commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) lie at the heart of what Yeomans is, and does.


In addition to basic ethical standards of honesty, integrity and impartiality, we aim to go beyond the norm and practice business ethics, above and beyond the expectations of everyone we deal with. This manifests itself in any number of ways, from the way in which we speak to and care for each other in the workplace; to ensuring that suppliers are treated well and always paid on time; to the sources of production items (e.g. paper and labour), all the way through to the way in which we deal with any problems or issues that may arise.


We believe in the true nature of stewardship – making the wise investment into your work, to see the outcomes our clients expect and hope for. We make commitments for the long term, investing our time and resources into developing our internal knowledge base. We do this through staff training  and corporate accreditation; making us accountable to our industry as well as our clients. We don’t believe in burying our talents in the ground, but in nurturing what we have, to see growth and the impact it has upon the effective work we do for our clients and others whom we support.

Investment in the charities and organisations we serve

From day one of Yeomans’ inception, our intention has been to serve organisations with products and services that enable them to communicate and grow. As our philosophy is, “Business as a mission,” and because many of our clients are charities, those products and services have always come with a value, but not necessarily a price.

Not only do we plan to add value to our products and services through relationship and intelligence, but in the investment we make in the relationships we have: to understand the people and organisation’s we work with. We fundamentally believe that businesses have an important role to play in supporting the communities in which we operate and a proportion of our profits are given away to support worthy causes.

Over the years we’ve been privileged to support a number of charitable works and organisations including:

Mission without Borders
People Charity
Off The Fence Trust
Tonbridge Juniors FC
Alpha and Omega Christian Motorsport Team
Local men’s evangelistic Christian ministry – “In conversation with…”
Joshua Ivins. Yeomans contributed to fundraising for a new, specialised wheelchair for him.