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10 tips for the perfect BBQ

It’s hot and sunny… yes two essential elements of summer, what’s left? That’s right – the BBQ! Summer weather means outdoor eating, so it’s time to fire up the BBQ for an al fresco feast!  However, BBQing’s not always easy… So, if you’re going to the effort, you want your guests to have a great [...] more>

How to use print to drive Mobile marketing response

While Mobile now places the digital world at your fingertips print has always been there. Combining these two tangible media can enhance (and improve) your marketing and fundraising activities by using one to stimulate a response from the other. How to connect your printed and mobile marketing Integrate. Use the same messages, design and calls-to-action [...] more>

The future of marketing and fundraising is mobile. Really.

There’s little that’s more personal than something you can hold in your hand. That’s why mobile is such a powerful channel and why it’s the future of marketing and fundraising. Why – because a mobile device will always be at a consumer or donor’s side. By giving them the power to engage with you via [...] more>

From clicks to taps. 10 ways to make your emails mobile friendly

How many of your marketing emails are read on a mobile phone? If you don’t already know, it could be more than you think… With the rapid growth of mobile and smartphone use, email remains a powerful marketing tool – so long as it’s relevant to the mobile user. 3 key facts about mobile email [...] more>

Technology trends for 2013. Opportunities for charities.

A recent survey by BT Business has revealed five key technology trends that will impact the way that organisations and consumers will interact in 2013. What do 2013′s technology trends mean for charities? How can charities take advantage of these technology trends to build stronger, more meaningful relationships with their supporters and enrich the giving [...] more>

2013 Consumer (donor) trends

What’s going to be hot in 2013? How will our donors behave? Trendwatching have released their 10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2013 – here are their insights – how will they affect your marketing and fundraising activities in 2013? 2013 consumer trends Presumers & Custowners. Consumers will become even more involved in the funding, launch [...] more>

What does ROI really mean to your fundraising and marketing?

Modern ROI – a new perspective The digital marketing age has brought with it so many new ways to measure donor and consumer engagement that it challenges our traditional models of monetary ROI (Return on Investment) to open our eyes to new perspectives. After all – what is it that we’re really investing in? A [...] more>

Is ROI limiting? ROI vs Value of Income Generated

Return on Investment (ROI) has been the staple of analysis for marketing and fundraising campaigns for many years. It is useful not only for demonstrating the level of financial success but also for using to benchmark one campaign against the other. The basic ROI calculation can be found here and outputs a % or ratio. For [...] more>

Marketing Analysis – Why and Which?

Marketers, fundraisers, managers… We’re all busy people working to achieve increasingly challenging objectives. When you have campaigns to run, appeals to launch, data to sort and people (or suppliers) to manage sometimes it’s hard to step back and see the wood for the trees. Why analyse marketing and fundraising activity? Analysis is critical part of [...] more>

Marketing & Fundraising Analysis. Jargon explained.

Various types of marketing and fundraising analysis: ROI, Return on Investment Analyses the efficiency of an investment or compare investments. It is expressed as a ratio or percentage. To calculate simple ROI = (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment. Used to determine ‘profitability’ of fundraising campaigns e.g. £10,000 costs of [...] more>

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