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Ikea Augmented Reality Catalogue – integration’s future here today

We love Ikea’s 2014 catalogue. They’ve truly brought the home shopping experience into the home  - using the catalogue and App, you can see what their products will look like in your home. This is a simple use of this integrated technology that not only drives cross media behaviour but also delivers a useful user experience.   Their promotional video is fun too - Now [...] more>

How to make people want to receive your charity’s mail

I read a horrific fact recently. Only 9% of people want to receive direct mail from charities. That’s 91% of people who don’t. Only Health Clubs, Insurance, Credit Card and Mortgages are less popular. Conversely, the most well-received post was from stores and restaurants, containing vouchers and special offers (Surprise, surprise!). (Source: DMA, ‘From letterbox [...] more>

Why your charity’s direct mail gets opened (or doesn’t)

What will make your donors open your direct mail? Or throw it away… The DMA’s recent report “From letterbox to inbox – building customer relationships,”reveals some valuable into why people open direct mail and what makes them throw it away…   5 top reasons people will throw away addressed post unopened Not interested in your [...] more>

Why direct mail must be personalised

Anyone involved in direct marketing knows that the more direct, you can be in reaching and talking to your target audience the better response you’ll get. The buzzwords? Personalisation and relevancy. In real terms, personalisation can mean anything from simply naming the addressee to creating a marketing piece, fully personalised with relevant content, based on [...] more>

Report says: Direct Mail is the MOST TRUSTED form of marketing communication

Direct Mail is the MOST TRUSTED form of marketing communication. That’s a pretty bold statement but one that should affirm any direct marketer or fundraiser. Choosing the right channels through which to get our messages across has become increasingly harder as email and a plethora of social media platforms give our consumers so many more [...] more>

Feed a child, with a Near Field.

Could NFC spell the end of street fundraising as we know it? This innovative fundraising campaign from the United Nations World Food Programme shows how cutting edge Near Field Communication (NFC) can be used to deliver real donor engagement.   How NFC outdoor ads help end hunger The campaign places two adverts at a bus stop, [...] more>

Have a break, have a quick chat.

Have you heard of ‘Digital Detoxing’? In our world of the ‘always on, always connected’ culture, it’s becoming obvious that we need some downtime from our uplinked lifestyles. To avoid digital overload, oases of analogue reality are springing up all over the place. In a great piece of brand activity, KitKat have created ‘Free No- [...] more>

How to use print to drive Mobile marketing response

While Mobile now places the digital world at your fingertips print has always been there. Combining these two tangible media can enhance (and improve) your marketing and fundraising activities by using one to stimulate a response from the other. How to connect your printed and mobile marketing Integrate. Use the same messages, design and calls-to-action [...] more>

10 ways to easily optimise your website for mobile

The world is mobil-ising and we savvy marketers and fundraisers all need to be ready. With more and more people owning smartphones, consumers have brands in the palm of their hands. They want information instantly and easily accessing the web from wherever they’re at (find out more). In a world of ever-increasing choice, people will [...] more>

5 Social Media trends that charities can’t ignore

Global consumer insight specialist, Nielsen have released The Social Media Report 2012, a study into how, where and why we connect. As the social networks continue to develop and mature, important consumer trends are emerging. Charities that take note of these trends will gain valuable insight into the ways in which many of their donors are [...] more>

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