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Email marketing

Where do webmail users open email?

Thanks to Litmus (the email testing and tracking experts) here is an insightful infographic showing where webmail users open their email. 61% of webmail users open on mobile. 39% of webmail users open on iOS. Are your email marketing campaigns targeting them properly? Source: Litmus — Where Do Webmail Users Open Email? more>

Tell your charity’s story best – use pictures.

Use visuals to tell your charity’s stories best. Captions under images are read on average 300% more than the body copy with which those images appear. Kissmetrics.  Your charity’s newsletters, appeals, emails and social media are all filled with your stories – but are you telling them in the best way? How are you using [...] more>

Facts only tell. Stories sell.

“Stories sell.” So everyone says. “Storytelling is at the heart of fundraising.” So we hear.   In today’s world, where content isn’t merely content to be king, storytelling is becoming more widespread as a key weapon in the sales, marketing and fundraising arsenal. Here’s why. 11 Reasons why facts tell and stories sell Stories avoid [...] more>

Has Google killed your email marketing?

With over 425 million users worldwide (Source, Wikipedia) , Gmail is now the biggest email provider (just! Source Gigaom ). So, what has Google done that could kill your email marketing forever? Gmail tabs. Pretty straightforward really – Gmail now auto-filters all incoming emails and separates them into three categories: Primary (from individuals, office emails) [...] more>

7 quick ways to improve your fundraising copy

Inspired by a king of sales copy, advertising guru, Drayton Bird, in  recent blot post, “7 copywriting sins that strangle sales,” here are 7 quick and easy ways to improve your fundraising copy: Talk about your donor (& beneficiary) not yourself. Make your point fast! Use simple language (easy to read & understand) Quantify the [...] more>

From clicks to taps. 10 ways to make your emails mobile friendly

How many of your marketing emails are read on a mobile phone? If you don’t already know, it could be more than you think… With the rapid growth of mobile and smartphone use, email remains a powerful marketing tool – so long as it’s relevant to the mobile user. 3 key facts about mobile email [...] more>

2013 email marketing trends.

What will 2013 mean for email marketing and fundraising? Will the channel fade as consumer become more social online? Or will 2013 prove to be a year of transformation as the medium becomes more integrated with other channels and finds a strength in mobile? Fourth Source, (Digital Media Marketing online publication) have gathered some of the [...] more>

10 ways to get better responses to your emails

It’s the holy grail of your email marketing, isn’t it – more opens, more click-throughs – more responses? And what responses mean to each of us is probably very similar – more income; the ultimate objective for any organisation’ marketing. I read a recent post from Katya Andreson’s Non-Profit Marketing blog where she identified 7 [...] more>

10 things you should NEVER do with your email marketing

There are things you should do with your email marketing and there are things you should NEVER do. Here’s ten of them. Emailing people who didn’t opt in. Making it hard to unsubscribe. Mailing unsubscribers. Bombarding recipients with email. Only using images. Not personalising – not even a name! Only using images (& not alt-tagging [...] more>

How to write a simple email marketing strategy

Why is it worth having an email marketing strategy? Like any other action plan, it will help you define purpose, save you time, give you a clear path to follow and establish a benchmark to measure success. A strategy will make it easier to manage your email marketing programme, with whoever else is involved and [...] more>

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