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Social Media

When to post your messages on Social Media

We all lead busy lives and it’s no surprise that this translates to our online worlds too.  Find a few minutes to log in to Facebook or Twitter and it’s amazing how quickly you’ll see new posts stacking up in your newsfeed. So, what can you do to make your marketing messages stand out on [...] more>

The best times to post on Social Media

If your Social Media marketing strategy is not quite hitting the mark, it may be because you’re not talking to your followers and friends at the right time.  This neat infographic from Fannit shows when are the best (and worst)  times to post on each Social Media network. The best times to post Facebook: Weekdays [...] more>

Generous donors flock to Moldovan family!

In an amazing 48 hours, thanks to the voice of someone who saw the need, the power of the digital age, the presence of an effective charity and the kindness of people, this Moldovan family have been given their livelihood back!  “Well what can I say, WE DID IT! Together we have raised over £1500 [...] more>

The reality of child sponsorship

In the latest of updates from our current man in the field, Phil writes about two orphanages he’s visited during his trip to Moldova with Mission Without Borders. “Today (Tuesday) I visited an orphanage that cares for children specifically with hearing disabilities. This is Miraj, he was found on the streets of Moscow. He father [...] more>

How to create effective infographics

Everytime you look there’s another infographic in your social media stream. Infographics are everywhere but why? Most people respond primarily to visual stimuli and visual communications. In fact, in the UK 65% of people are visual learners – to if you want to get your message across, make it visual. An infographic is an effective [...] more>

Tell your charity’s story best – use pictures.

Use visuals to tell your charity’s stories best. Captions under images are read on average 300% more than the body copy with which those images appear. Kissmetrics.  Your charity’s newsletters, appeals, emails and social media are all filled with your stories – but are you telling them in the best way? How are you using [...] more>

Facts only tell. Stories sell.

“Stories sell.” So everyone says. “Storytelling is at the heart of fundraising.” So we hear.   In today’s world, where content isn’t merely content to be king, storytelling is becoming more widespread as a key weapon in the sales, marketing and fundraising arsenal. Here’s why. 11 Reasons why facts tell and stories sell Stories avoid [...] more>

Feed a child, with a Near Field.

Could NFC spell the end of street fundraising as we know it? This innovative fundraising campaign from the United Nations World Food Programme shows how cutting edge Near Field Communication (NFC) can be used to deliver real donor engagement.   How NFC outdoor ads help end hunger The campaign places two adverts at a bus stop, [...] more>

Facebook hashtags. What you need to know.

For all of you Twitterati and Instagrammers out there, Facebook has finally followed suit and introduced searchable hashtags to its user interface. Recognising that its user audience exhibits certain behaviours, such as commentating and conversing about TV shows, major sports events and the like all in real time, the social media giant has finally made it [...] more>

5 reasons your social media isn’t working

If you’re struggling to make your social media marketing effective, then take a look at these five common problems that hold social media back. 5 common social media mistakes You don’t know what you want from it. (No measurable goals.) You don’t know how to measure success. (Again, no measurable goals and possibly no monitoring [...] more>

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