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When to post your messages on Social Media

We all lead busy lives and it’s no surprise that this translates to our online worlds too.  Find a few minutes to log in to Facebook or Twitter and it’s amazing how quickly you’ll see new posts stacking up in your newsfeed. So, what can you do to make your marketing messages stand out on [...] more>

What do we mean by “Strategy” and why is it important?

When it comes to planning any sort of strategy for your organisation, it’s important to start at the beginning of the process by ensuring you know what a strategy is and why you need one.  This is often a stumbling block as few people know what strategy really is. What is strategy? Strategy can often [...] more>

The best times to post on Social Media

If your Social Media marketing strategy is not quite hitting the mark, it may be because you’re not talking to your followers and friends at the right time.  This neat infographic from Fannit shows when are the best (and worst)  times to post on each Social Media network. The best times to post Facebook: Weekdays [...] more>

Marketers and Fundraisers. Are you playing ‘not to lose’, or playing to win?

Accenture’s 2013 Global Consumer Pulse Research shows that after years of fighting the global recession, companies are struggling to grow profitably. When fighting reducing incomes and rising costs it’s hard not to play a strategy of ‘not to lose’. But sadly, that means you’re always focussing on the wrong thing. Driving instructors will teach you [...] more>

How to make people want to receive your charity’s mail

I read a horrific fact recently. Only 9% of people want to receive direct mail from charities. That’s 91% of people who don’t. Only Health Clubs, Insurance, Credit Card and Mortgages are less popular. Conversely, the most well-received post was from stores and restaurants, containing vouchers and special offers (Surprise, surprise!). (Source: DMA, ‘From letterbox [...] more>

The top 5 ways to donate in 2012

Blackbaud’s Next Generation of Giving Report reveals the most popular ways to donate in the UK in 2012.   Top 5 ways to donate in 2012 Donation at a shop counter – 45.4% Charity gift shop – 44.7% Monthly direct debit – 36% Tribute gift – 20.1% Online – 18.4%   Online has shown significant growth, [...] more>

2013′s online trends that WILL impact you!

If you haven’t yet read the 2013 Internet Trends Report, you should; the changing face of the online world is impacting all areas of society and organisations large and small! How will 2013s online trends affect your charity or business? Whether you’re a commercial marketer or fundraiser, understanding how the rapidly changing online landscape affects [...] more>

Feed a child, with a Near Field.

Could NFC spell the end of street fundraising as we know it? This innovative fundraising campaign from the United Nations World Food Programme shows how cutting edge Near Field Communication (NFC) can be used to deliver real donor engagement.   How NFC outdoor ads help end hunger The campaign places two adverts at a bus stop, [...] more>

I like the way you synapse… Why screaming goats will help your marketing.

What do a toddler’s bitten finger, massaged thighs, a very angry cat, a sneezing baby panda and a screaming goat all have in common? They are the focus of today’s favourite international past-time – watching online video. Speaking at PFSK Conference 2013 , Abigail Posner, Head of Strategic Planning for Agency Development at Google  explains how [...] more>

If charities could be businesses they’d create true social change

Ever wondered why we’re still searching for the cures for cancer, why poverty isn’t over and why cats and dogs still need a home for life? It’s because we’ve developed a society that has an absurdly skewed perspective about how charities should be funded. Dan Pallotta, fundraising innovator and author of Uncharitable – How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their [...] more>

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