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Web Marketing

Where do webmail users open email?

Thanks to Litmus (the email testing and tracking experts) here is an insightful infographic showing where webmail users open their email. 61% of webmail users open on mobile. 39% of webmail users open on iOS. Are your email marketing campaigns targeting them properly? Source: Litmus — Where Do Webmail Users Open Email? more>

How to boost online donations. Part 2. Your effective donation pages

How to boost online donations. Part 2. Your effective donation pages So, you’ve motivated potential donors from an earlier interaction with your charity and into your digital domain – how can you do your best to help them make a donation? 15 ways to improve your online donation pages Explain ‘Why donate’. Share the need, [...] more>

How to boost online donations Part 1. The online donor journey.

  If your charity doesn’t have the means to take online donations, then it’s way past time to change! Even if you know, for certain, that your existing donors don’t (and won’t!) give you money online, then what about your new donors? 13.5% of all purchases in the UK are made online, predicted to rise [...] more>

How to create effective infographics

Everytime you look there’s another infographic in your social media stream. Infographics are everywhere but why? Most people respond primarily to visual stimuli and visual communications. In fact, in the UK 65% of people are visual learners – to if you want to get your message across, make it visual. An infographic is an effective [...] more>

Tell your charity’s story best – use pictures.

Use visuals to tell your charity’s stories best. Captions under images are read on average 300% more than the body copy with which those images appear. Kissmetrics.  Your charity’s newsletters, appeals, emails and social media are all filled with your stories – but are you telling them in the best way? How are you using [...] more>

3 easy ways to improve your online donation form

Leading industry expert, Amy Bills (Blackbaud’s Director of Customer Marketing) shares three simple tips to: Improve your online donation form and online fundraising  1. Only ask for what you need. Single message. Simple for your donor to understand and respond to. Do you really need all the data you’re asking for? Less boxes to fill in [...] more>

2013′s online trends that WILL impact you!

If you haven’t yet read the 2013 Internet Trends Report, you should; the changing face of the online world is impacting all areas of society and organisations large and small! How will 2013s online trends affect your charity or business? Whether you’re a commercial marketer or fundraiser, understanding how the rapidly changing online landscape affects [...] more>

Feed a child, with a Near Field.

Could NFC spell the end of street fundraising as we know it? This innovative fundraising campaign from the United Nations World Food Programme shows how cutting edge Near Field Communication (NFC) can be used to deliver real donor engagement.   How NFC outdoor ads help end hunger The campaign places two adverts at a bus stop, [...] more>

Have a break, have a quick chat.

Have you heard of ‘Digital Detoxing’? In our world of the ‘always on, always connected’ culture, it’s becoming obvious that we need some downtime from our uplinked lifestyles. To avoid digital overload, oases of analogue reality are springing up all over the place. In a great piece of brand activity, KitKat have created ‘Free No- [...] more>

From clicks to taps. 10 ways to make your emails mobile friendly

How many of your marketing emails are read on a mobile phone? If you don’t already know, it could be more than you think… With the rapid growth of mobile and smartphone use, email remains a powerful marketing tool – so long as it’s relevant to the mobile user. 3 key facts about mobile email [...] more>

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