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A Noble Cause – Mission in Mongolia (part 1)

In this first update from our “man on a mission”, Phil reflects on his feelings about what the next few days will hold: Whilst sitting in the airport in Moscow waiting for my connection to Ulanbator, I can’t help but think about family and friends that I have left behind. Those that love and care [...] more>

Shining the Spotlight on Yeomans services – Copywriting (Part 2)

To develop successful fundraising campaigns it’s vital to recognise the importance of your copy.  Not only must messages be appealing to your audience, make your organisation appear to be “human” and the content be accurate; copy should also be written appropriately for the medium you are using to communicate. Did you know that our skilled [...] more>

Shining the spotlight on Yeomans Services – Copywriting (Part 1)

No, we don’t mean copyright! – Though that’s important too! It’s true that eye-catching artwork and the presence of a trusted brand’s logo can cause you to stop in your tracks and read a promotional leaflet or watch an advert, but the words (or copy) of a campaign are at its’ heart. Whilst these words [...] more>

When to post your messages on Social Media

We all lead busy lives and it’s no surprise that this translates to our online worlds too.  Find a few minutes to log in to Facebook or Twitter and it’s amazing how quickly you’ll see new posts stacking up in your newsfeed. So, what can you do to make your marketing messages stand out on [...] more>

10 tips for designing a campaign that gets noticed

Imagine this… …You’re sitting at home on a Saturday morning and hear the sound of 2 or 3 campaign letters falling through your letterbox, dropping onto the carpet, waiting to be picked up and read.  At the same time, an audible “ping” comes from your phone notifying you of another email arriving. You sigh, and [...] more>

Andy and Alistair get their running shoes on

In a quest to get fit over the summer, whilst also supporting a great cause, Andy Q-S and Alistair have signed up to the challenge of running the Hospice in the Weald’s 10k event on 25th September. Not only is the Hospice in the Weald a local charity which does great work providing “compassionate, individualised, [...] more>

Shining the Spotlight on Yeomans Services – Fundraising Strategy Development

Whatever’s going on in the world; whether the weather’s good or bad or your sports team’s winning or losing, the key to a successful fundraising campaign remains the same – you must have a strong and adaptable strategy. There are several core steps to include within a fundraising strategy.  Here at Yeomans, with our years [...] more>

6 Tips for nurturing donor relationships

Every fundraiser knows the vital importance of their supporters.  All support is wonderful and gratefully received, but for sustainable, long-term support it’s crucial to develop a long-term relationship with your supporters.  So, what can you do to help develop these connections? Supporters get involved when they feel needed and valued In our recent blog we explored “why direct mail [...] more>

Why Direct Mail must be Personalised

Anyone involved in direct marketing knows that the more direct you can be in reaching and talking to your target audience the better response you’ll get. Personalisation and relevancy are therefore key to your campaign’s success. In real terms, personalisation can mean anything from simply naming the addressee on an envelope and within a letter, [...] more>

Shining the spotlight on Yeomans Services – Print

As we continue our series highlighting the range of services we offer which can help you make more of a difference for your clients and supporters, our spotlight turns to print.  From humble beginnings as cave paintings, print has to be the second-oldest form of marketing, after word-of-mouth. With so many ways now available for [...] more>

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