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Mission to Mongolia

For a few days this September, Phil won’t be found in the Yeomans office, visiting clients, or at his local gym – he’ll be out in Mongolia, putting all his training into practice and taking on a challenge to raise awareness and money for the amazing work of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. Why Mongolia? [...] more>

Shining the spotlight on Yeomans Services – Data

With current concerns and theories about the specific changes that will be made to data regulation following the adoption of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the upcoming introduction of the Fundraising Preference Service, it remains clear that data is an extremely valuable commodity and must be treated as such. Did you know [...] more>

‘Til death us do part – Managing Data and building lasting relationships

  The Charity sector, for many years has relied on traditional acquisition activities such as magazine inserts and sending direct mail campaigns to rented lists of purchased or shared data. The response rates to these have always been extremely low in % terms. Fundratios and NCVO reports suggest a typical response rate to DM campaigns [...] more>

Shining the Spotlight on Yeomans Services – Trust Fundraising (Part 2)

Equipped with the knowledge that fundraising doesn’t have to be a lonely, uphill battle as it may be possible to unlock funds from Trusts or Foundations, many organisations make their initial grant applications (guidance can be found in our previous blog), but this isn’t where the process ends. The Institute of Fundraising provides clear guidance [...] more>

Shining the spotlight on Yeomans Services – Trust Fundraising (Part 1)

Turning the page of our Yeomans desk calendar to June, after initially being amazed that we’re already into the 6th month of 2016, we then took a look at Helen Keller’s inspiring quote: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” Fundraising can seem like an uphill struggle, especially when we [...] more>

Using Google Analytics to measure campaign success and ROI

With continual changes in lifestyle and technology this is unsurprisingly impacting the way that organisations choose to market their products and services. The challenges of measuring success “cross-media”: Printed adverts and postal campaigns are still extremely important (talk to us about your next print and mailing campaign) but organisations must also concentrate on producing eye-catching, [...] more>

10 tips for taking your campaign on the road – making the most of exhibition season!

You’ve planned your campaign with military precision (see previous posts) and are ready to go.  The opportunity to bring messages to potential supporters via exhibitions is extremely important for many organisations as it’s the one way you can interact with people using all 5 senses!  Here are 10 tips for maximising success before, during and [...] more>

We’re hiring!

We have a very exciting opportunity – for a Digital Account Executive to join our team Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to help make a difference in the world? If you love helping others, supporting charities and helping them to make a bigger difference, then please read on. We are looking [...] more>

Battlefield secrets for Fundraising success

Is your fundraising planned and delivered with military precision? If you are looking to achieve more fundraising success, then consider some tips from the noble art of war when planning your next fundraising appeal.  Consider your campaign in the way the Oxford dictionary defines it: “A series of military operations intended to achieve a goal, [...] more>

Are you a Charity Trustee (or do you know one) & could you spare a few minutes to help with some research?

Whilst one of Yeomans’ core aims is to help our clients make more of a difference by providing innovative, tailored, marketing and fundraising services to help raise income and awareness, our interest and care for clients doesn’t end there. Last weekend we were approached by one of our friends from Samaritan’s Purse who is currently carrying out [...] more>

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