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Major Donor Giving event

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Marketing and Fundraising Campaigns

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What do we mean by “Strategy” and why is it important?

When it comes to planning any sort of strategy for your organisation, it’s important to start at the beginning of the process by ensuring you know what a strategy is and why you need one.  This is often a stumbling block as few people know what strategy really is. What is strategy? Strategy can often [...] more>

Run Kelly Run

On Sunday 24th April, our local hero, Dame Kelly Holmes will be running the London Marathon and for the first time ever is asking people for money as she aims to raise £250,000 to be shared between 5 great charities close to her heart. Hospice in the Weald – where her coach Dave Arnold passed [...] more>

10 Key ways to maximise fundraising campaign success

You’ve planned your next campaign well in advance; invested in cutting-edge design; written copy that will encourage and delight your supporters; you have a clear and compelling call to action and have segmented your data to ensure that you communicate with your supporters in line with their preferences.  You’re ready to press the “publish” button [...] more>

“Knowing me, knowing you” – (PART 2): 10 tips for maximising the life-time value of your supporters

Having started to get to know your supporters and learnt about the approaches that they are most likely to respond positively to, it’s important to focus on building a relationship with them that will stand the test of time. 10 tips to maximise the lifetime of your supporters: Say a genuine thank you – make [...] more>

“Knowing Me, Knowing You” (PART 1): 4 tips for getting to know your supporters

How well do you know your current supporters?  What could you do to get to know them even better? An initial donation, or a signature on a petition, isn’t a guarantee of long-term support but the “opening of a window of opportunity” so it’s important to connect with supporters (and potential supporters) in an appropriate [...] more>

How to Write Messages to Delight Your Supporters

To delight your supporters it’s important to: Communicate with them appropriately Send news that’s of interest to them Enable them to see the valuable part they play within your organisation How can you achieve all this in a short, succinct and strong message? Try using the ancient approach of telling a story – this method [...] more>

Email’s not Dead – 10 top tips to give your next campaign the kiss of life!

With the growth of Social Media, it could be tempting to move away from email in favour of using social media to communicate with your supporters, but research shows that email remains a fantastic channel to drive fundraising and raise awareness. In 2015, it was reported that there were more than 4.35 billion email accounts [...] more>

3 Ways to communicate more effectively with your Donors – “Delight” them!

Does all the recent news and debate on fundraising regulation and best practice raise concern about the impact on your recruitment of future donors?  I hope so and for one main reason – it will make you look after your existing donors a whole lot better. How good are you at really saying “thank you” [...] more>

Changes to Gift Aid Declarations from 5th April 2016 – Is your Charity ready?

Does your charity collect Gift Aid from your supporters? Are you ready for the changes that must be made to Gift Aid Declarations from 5 April 2016 to ensure that claims aren’t rejected as invalid by HMRC? If you’re not sure that your charity is ready yet, here’s our simple guide to explain: Why are Gift [...] more>

Seriously good reasons why Yeomans is supporting Hospice in the Weald this Christmas.

Behind all the fun appearing on Twitter as part of this year’s Yeomans Christmas campaign there is a serious reason why we are asking people to tweet their Christmas selfies. Always looking for opportunities to raise money for good causes, Phil and Alistair have agreed to donate £1 to Hospice in the Weald for the first [...] more>

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