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Cross-Media and Integrated marketing quotes

With Cross-Media being at the forefront of marketing technology that enables truly integrated marketing initiatives, there aren’t many quotes around – so we’ve settled for some about integrated marketing instead.

  1. “The point of integration is not simply to use the same image and ignore the strengths of a particular medium. We call this re-purposing without purpose. The point of integration is to have a consistent voice while maximizing the strengths of each medium. True integration delivers the brand statement from mass to grass, from mass marketing to grass roots activities, with the Internet residing firmly in the middle as both a mass and one to one marketing weapon.” – unknown
  2. “The Strategic Idea is an idea that transcends media choice, that is compelling in and of itself. It is not merely a theme line, although some lines like “Just do it” are perfect embodiments of strategic ideas. A strategic idea can be a visual, like the Compaq Q or the Post Office’s eagle or language like IBM’s e-business campaign. A strategic idea can also be conceptual–like freshness dating from Budweiser, an idea that transcended advertising and helped AB fight back the imports. But, and this is big but, this idea must lead to naturally compelling executions across all media. How can you be sure when you’ve got a strategic idea? Funny enough, that’s the easy part-creative for ads, banners, web sites, etc. will flow naturally from the idea. If not, start again.” – unknown
  3. A good idea uncoordinated is still better than a lousy idea that is well-coordinated. – Martin Sorrell
  4. Integrated marketing provides an effective tested mechanism for developing brand-related communication and marketing experience for consumers, customers, and all stakeholders” Prof. P.J.Kitchen, Chair in Strategic Marketing, Hull University Business School
  5. “I believe successful marketers, many who may have moved on from their roles in the marketing department, understand the need to focus on the flawless implementation of their customer vision and business plans. ” Alan Dodds
  6. “Truly Integrated Marketing is the holy grail for the marketeer. ” Colin Green, Marketing Director, Land Rover UK
  7. “In a frantic market place, integrated marketing effort is an increasingly important factor in ensuring efficiency and clarity of message.” David Gagie, Managing Director Consumer Lending & Current Accounts, Lloyds TSB Bank plc
  8. “In today’s fragmented media world, effective marketing cannot be achieved unless it is integrated.”. Andrew Molle, Marketing Director, Specsavers
  9. “Integrated Marketing is obviously common sense, but amazingly still not common practice.” Peter Fisk, CEO, The Chartered Institute of Marketing
  10. “Just as customers are expecting ever better experiences, the teams -from agency to factory- responsible for creating those experiences, are being driven apart in the name of cost efficiency. In this challenging climate knowledge coordination has become a source of competitive advantage…  companies [need to] understand how to build bridges not only between between the different communication channels, but also between communications and the delivery assets not traditionally viewed as part of the marketing mix. “ Gus Desbarats , Chairman, Alloy Total Product Design
  11. “Integrated Marketing has long suffered the problem of being put into the “too difficult box”. Never has integration been more vital than in today’s complex marketing landscape; it’s an idea that was once, like Martin Peters, ahead of it’s time and now, like Beckham, a product of our time.” Ron Legas, Chairman, Edge Ideas
  12. “The marketing landscape is changing fast. Increasing consumer sophistication, media fragmentation and convergence of technology not to mention budget pressures are forcing marketers to focus delivering more holistic integrated marketing solutions.” Jane Asscher, Managing Director, 23red
  13. “Integrated marketing is easy to preach but difficult to do. I have found the work of the centre to be full of useful tips, case insights and best practice distillations – yet with a surprisingly low sermon quotient!” John Grant
  14. Integrated marketing communications is a way of looking at the whole marketing process from the viewpoint of the customer. Philip Kotler
  15. The marketing organization will have to redefine its role from managing customer interactions to integrating and managing all the company’s customer-facing processes. Philip Kotler

If you’re struggling to co-ordinate or integrate your marketing to get better results, then talk to us about how Cross-Media solutions can work for you -

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Cross-Media can:

Create personalised communications, using variable images and text – making your message directly relevant to your recipient.

Connect print, online and social media, effectively.

Collect intelligence about your supporters behaviour.

Improve responses.

Improve supporter relationships.

Improve message targeting.

Improve your data quality.

Reduce postage costs.

And more…

With thanks to the Centre for Integrated Marketing for some of the above quotes.


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