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How Cross-Media can impact your marketing and responses

How Cross-Media can impact your marketing and responses

Cross-media is an highly advanced and emergent marketing discipline that UK charities are only beginning to be offered and take advantage of.

Major UK commercial organisations are leading the way in realising its benefits and returns. Including: Tesco, Sky, Carphone Warehouse.

Cross-Media marketing is maturing in the United States, with case studies reporting significant uplifts in response and increased ROI.

“Clients are scaling up their cross-media plans and increasing budgets, encouraged by response rates 20-30% higher than using print alone.” Jon Tolley, Director of Prime Print Group Source: www.crossmedialive.com

 “Unlike multi-channel campaigns, cross-media marketing uses a response mechanism to deliver measurable results.” Ed Glaser Color Tree Marketing http://bit.ly/zpyuYo

What Cross-Media can deliver for your marketing

  • Increased response.
  • Increased income including new revenue.
  • Raised awareness.
  • Increased ROI
  • Personalised communications, delivering targeted, relevant content to each recipient.
  • Relationships built with supporters, customers and prospects.
  • Data and intelligence about your supporters, customers and prospects.
  • Measurable results.
  • A manageable way of bringing your multi-channel marketing programmes together.

What more could you want?

Will Cross-Media help you improve responses and impact your marketing? 

Ask us. Talk to Phil to know more.

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