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Cross-media marketing

Cross-Media Marketing. The future of direct marketing; one-to-one.

Just as we’re all (just about) getting to grips with Social Media and its increasingly widespread use as a marketing and fundraising tool, all of a sudden there’s a new marketing buzzword – Cross-Media.

Increased response. Increased income. Raised awareness. These are words we all want to hear when our marketing and fundraising campaigns are over but in this climate do you hear them often enough? Cross-Media is more than a buzzword; it’s a new way of marketing. It provides a way of bringing together multiple campaign elements and channels to deliver Return on Marketing Objectives (ROMO) as well as return on investment (ROI).

Cross-media is the next generation in direct marketing – One-to-one marketing. It enables personalised communications across print, web, email, SMS and mobile from one data source, delivering targeted, relevant content to each receiver, across multiple touch points. With each response, dialogue is created and data captured; enabling conversations, building relationships and increasing returns.

What more would you like to hear at the end of your campaigns? Increased value, new revenue and measurable results? Behind the scenes data is collected at each touch point, providing you with intelligence about your supporter’s behaviour and the effectiveness of each campaign, true marketing gold.

We’ve made considerable investment into our Cross-Media services. Why? Because budgets are tighter and charities have to work harder to get their messages to the right people. Cross-Media will help overcome that.

Talk to Phil to find out how Cross-Media can improve your campaign performance.

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