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Royal Mail increases stamp price by 30%. Here’s how to beat the price increases.

Ouch! The new price increases at Royal Mail are painful.

The good news about the Royal Mail price changes

Is that they only affect people who post things. If that’s not you, then read no further.

However, if you do post things, for either personal or business reasons, then these changes affect you, so read on.

The two most significant changes are as follows:

  • 1st and 2nd Class Stamp price increase: First Class stamp price 60p. Second Class stamp price 50p. Will this reduce the number of Christmas cards you send this year?
  • VAT on bulk mail services. If you’re a registered charity, then this could significantly affect you. For more information, read our post about VAT changes on postal services.

Other price changes to changes to postal services include:

  • Stamps/Franking Machine rates. Prices are 60p / 44p for first class (stamps/franking) and 50p /31p for second class (stamps/franking). They do not attract VAT. Review the Royal Mail price chart here.
  • For PPI account (OBA/posting cheques) customers who are not VAT registered there is a service called BPL which has the price increases in two waves – 2nd April 1st class = 39p, 2nd class = 28p. 30th April, 1st class = 46p, 2nd class = 33p. These prices will also be zero rated for VAT.
  • The third strand will be for PPI account customers (OBA/Posting cheques) and the service will be called STL.  This service will attract VAT at the standard 20% rate.  Contact us for prices. Changes take place 30 April.

Do you need to change the postal services you use?

Given the price increases, we should all review our mailing activities, to avoid unnecessary cost and expense.

Low volume users may find themselves turning to the franking machine.  Full prices are on page 2 of the 2012 Royal Mail Price Guide. 

High volume users should review their mailing activities and postage costs, as Royal Mail and other providers are offering a number of alternative solutions.

Confused? Need help?

Talk to our expert team today. We’ll help you chose the most cost-effective solution.

Contact Andy Quickenden-Smith and make sure you’re spending no more than you need.

01892 839280 andy.quickenden-smith@yeomansmarketing.co.uk

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