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Why should charities use email marketing?

In 2011 there were over 3.1B email accounts in the world. 75% are consumer accounts and 22% are European. Whilst Social Media may be fast-growing, email is a mature medium and offers rich opportunities for charities to connect with their supporters.

12 great reasons why charities should use email marketing

  1. Low sending cost
  2. Low preparation resource required
  3. Analytics information / Behavioural intelligence
  4. Immediacy & timeliness of sending
  5. Multiple
  6. Delivery of rich content
  7. Direct links to web and social media
  8. Mobile friendly
  9. Easy to test response
  10. Easy personalisation
  11. Variable content (data-driven)
  12. Easy list management

Therefore the question shouldn’t be, “Why should charities use email marketing?” but instead, “What emails should charities send?”


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